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ISGJ offers a wide array of programs in the area of jewellery & accessories, Diamond, Gem Stones, and Business Management. We, at ISGJ help you to develop and enhance your talent & creativity. At ISGJ, you will the skills and knowledge of a true gem and jewellery professional.

Welcome To ISGJ

It’s an immense pleasure to welcome you to ISGJ.

Professional education is an important key to the success in the rapidly growing gems & jewellery industry.

ISGJ will help you to make a right choice about your career by offering a wide array of courses ranging from short term, certificate, Diploma to Graduate programs.

The gems and jewellery sector is one of the fast growing sectors in India in the recent years. And is growing further to the global level. The growth is driven by the prevailing healthy business environment. India is deemed to be the hub of global jewellery market because of its low cost of production and availability of highly skilled man power.

The faculty at ISGJ are dedicated in providing you with a world class education that will support in enhancing your capabilities to reach the requirement of ever growing industry.

We strive to provide our students a safe, healthy and interesting environment for learning.

We look forward to help you in making the right decisions of your career and join you in unfolding your career path.

Kalpesh Desai (GG – AJP)
Education Director,
ISGJ India.

About ISGJ

International School of Gems & Jewellery, is an internationally accredited school for studies in jewellery, diamonds, gemmology and management. ISGJ is known for its unique and adaptable professional programming, experiential learning opportunities and highly qualified and experienced faculty.

A wide range of programs has been designed and developed to provide the best of gems and jewellery knowledge at par to international standards.

ISGJ is an active part of educational sector in gems and jewellery industry with a huge strength of students and well experienced faculty.

ISGJ has well equipped class room and strong infrastructure offering a rich knowledge in maximising your potential and developing your skills sets about jewellery, gem stones and diamonds.

ISGJ is truly committed in the every aspect of sustainable development in gems and jewellery industry.

Team of Faculty & Experts

We're a friendly and talented team of professionals. The ISGJ is a highly successful institution and reflecting the richness and values of our industry.

  • Kalpesh Desai

    Education Director

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  • Priti Bhatia

    Sr. Designer

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  • Siddhi Mehta

    Advisor Comiitee Member

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  • Bhavin Raiyani

    Diamond Business Management Expert

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  • Sonal Patel

    Jewellery Designer - CAD Expert

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  • Kruti Pandya Parekh

    Instructor - Online Jewellery Design Course

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  • Coming Soon...

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  • Coming Soon...

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  • With over 15 years of experience in the gems and jewellery industry we have built a strong network of professionals who can guide on matters related to career development and assist in market analysis.

    The utmost important factor of an educational institution is its team of faculty. An outstanding faculty defines and outstanding college with an outstanding learning experience. Team ISGJ is unmatched in the expertise and commitment in educating a new generation of professionals. ISGJ is incorporated by the best faculty with good academic qualification and practical experience.


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    Career planning is an ongoing process that starts in your youth and continues throughout adulthood. When you think about making changes in your working life, try to make decisions based on your personality, passions, aptitudes, skills and commitments. Also consider what training and education you want and what opportunities are available to you. By finding the best fit between your interests, skills, values and available jobs, you’ll have more control over your life and you’ll find greater satisfaction in your work.

    For more information or assistance with career planning and decisionmaking, contact your local Career Centre, adult educator, or school counsellor.

    Put a lot of effort into your career today to make the most of your work. Always continue creating new opportunities for yourself.

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    Why ISGJ

    Do what you love, for life

    ISGJ Conveniently located in the heart of Surat City at J.J. Art Gallery, Opp Science Center and has modern & digital classrooms with high tech audio-visual teaching system.

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you to ISGJ and Diamond Capital Of the World Surat. ISGJ was established to provide the highest standard of education and training in the field of Gems & Jewellery. Our Professional courses will help you to develop your knowledge and make you an expert in Gems and Jewellery industry worldwide sources.

    The best way to learn about diamond & gemstones is practical hands on training with ISGJ’s huge collection of all type of diamonds & gemstones gives our student that unique advantage.


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      The mission of the ISGJ is to provide high quality, affordable and technical education to our students and members’ with expertise and professionalism.

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